Four protesters remain inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, though the occupation would appear to be winding down a month after it began.

The FBI arrested 11 protesters last Tuesday when they left the compound to attend a rally in a nearby town. One of the protesters was killed by Oregon State Police in that altercation. The protesters claim the man was murdered, and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy issued a statement calling it an “assassination.”

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports a large protest was held in Burns, Ore., on Saturday night, though there were a significant number of folks protesting the protesters. "Harney County has its voice," Jen Hoke said. "We don't need these people to come here and speak for us." The protesters arrested last week have been charged with conspiracy to impede federal officers from their official duties through use of force, intimidation or threats.

CME acts to curb price volatility

Amid growing criticism that cattle markets are broken, CME Group Chairman Terry Duffy announced immediate changes on Friday at the Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego.

Duffy said measures will be implemented to curb price swings, such as cattle futures will be added to an existing CME system that caps how many order updates traders can send in relation to the number of trades they actually execute. CME is also examining five-to-six-second trading delays that would act as circuit-breakers. Earlier last month, NCBA officials sent a letter to Duffy about the “market volatility and their concerns about high frequency trading’s contribution to that volatility.”

Fire destroys historic stockyards

An estimated 20 cattle died when the historic Blue Grass Stockyards burned on Saturday afternoon in Lexington, KY.

The fire quickly burned out of control as firefighters described the seven-acre facility as a “standing lumberyard.” The smoke was so thick it was picked up on radar.

Operated as the Blue Grass Marketing Group, a company official said it would continue operations at its other locations in Mount Sterling and Stanford.

Weather report

During the Cattle Fax Industry Outlook Conference at the Cattle Industry Convention, Art Douglas, PhD, professor emeritus from Creighton University, presented his annual analysis of the U.S. weather outlook for the coming growing season. Overall, it looks pretty good.