This week's Ranch of the Week features Bieber Red Angus Ranch, owned by Ron and Lois Bieber and Craig and Peggy Bieber in Leola, South Dakota. You can find them on their website at or on Facebook at Bieber Red Angus Ranch.

Ron and Lois Bieber

Craig and Peggy Bieber

Bieber Red Angus Ranch focuses on Red Angus genetics and has been breeding Red Angus Cattle since 1968.  We currently run 900 registered Red Angus cows and have 2 production sales annually.  The fall sale (November 12, 2015) features 120 two-year-old Red Angus Bulls, 100 bred Red Angus Cows and 500 of Bieber’s customer commercial Red Angus females.  The spring sale held on March 6th 2016 will feature 450 yearling Red Angus bulls, and 100 open yearling Red Angus Heifers. 

Bieber Red Angus Ranch has been consistent in their approach to cattle breeding using the latest proven technology in selection to improve performance and carcass traits.  EPD (Expected Progeny Difference), carcass ultrasound, and the latest in DNA technology are all used by the operation to improve the performance and eating quality of the genetics they produce.  Bieber Red Angus genetics are utilized worldwide.  The involvement of the operation in projects like the NCBA Carcass Tenderness project, RAA carcass progeny testing, and the most recently RAA 50K research project have given them a unique insight to how genetics affect profitability and a satisfying eating experience. 

What makes your operation unique?

We have been committed to the Red Angus breed for over 50 years. We believe that sound science and good data are the best selection practices for more profitable genetics.    

Do you operate under a specific philosophy? Please describe:

Large contemporary groups with adequate sire representation give our customer an edge when it comes to more profitable seedstock selection.  The basis is that we do is a minimum of 25 calves per bull for a good representation within the contemporary group with a proven sire also used to provide good reference for the group.

How do you track net profit and why?

We do track net profit but use it primarily to understand where our main profit drivers are so that we can concentrate on them while waging war on cost.   

Do you have a next generation taking over? If so, tell us briefly about your plan.

Craig and Peggy are really then next generation.  Ron and Lois did extensive planning in the 1990’s to figure out how to keep it moving to the next generation.  Craig & Peggy took over financial responsibility in 2000 and we will continue to evaluate the plan, but Craig & Peggy have successfully operated the business for 15 years.  Assets still remain owned by Ron and Lois providing for a comfortable exit from the business. 

What is your vision for your operation 10 years from now? ... 20 years from now?

We envision a continue well thought out expansion of our seedstock enterprise.  Our vision is to provide affordable breed leading Red Angus seedstock in volume using profit driven data selection.

 Do you have a competitive advantage you would tell us about?

We think our area of the country is prime cattle country and has lot of opportunity or advantage when it comes to cattle production.  That makes for a vibrant cow-calf sector, our main customer, while we add focus on end product traits to make sure our cow-calf producers provide a superior product for their customer,  the feedlots.  

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