At the Animal Agriculture Alliance, we have declared 2016 as the year of “Action, Please!” Rather than mulling over the issues, we’ve challenged ourselves to focus on solutions and spend the year providing our members with more ideas for ways that they can take action in their organizations or on their farms to secure a brighter future for animal agriculture.

One way we’re taking action in 2016 is by launching our “Meat Matters” campaign. Sometimes, working in animal agriculture can feel a little disheartening as the attacks from environmental, animal rights and “consumer” groups can feel like they’re coming from all sides. One such attack is the “Meatless Mondays” activist-backed campaign, which encourages restaurants, schools, office cafeterias and other institutions to drop meat from the menu on Mondays, using misinformation about the nutritional value of meat, animal care and animal agriculture’s commitment to sustainability.

The Meat Matters initiative is our way of countering those claims and changing the narrative – rather than ditching meat from our plates, we should be loud and proud meat eaters, and help others understand the role of meat and poultry in a healthy, balanced diet. If you have friends or colleagues who have been swept up in the Meatless Monday myths, or wish you had a great graphic and facts to share on social media, keep our resources in mind. One big way to show your passion for producing meat and poultry is to take the #MeatMatters pledge and tell your social media networks that you’re a proud omnivore and how they can learn more.

You can also join us in taking action by signing up for the Alliance’s monthly newsletter (we’re highlighting individuals and organizations with unique ideas each month) and attending our annual Stakeholders Summit in May, themed “Securing Animal Agriculture’s Future: Action, Please!”.   

How will you take #ActionPlease for animal agriculture in 2016? Share your ideas in the comments, or use the hashtag on social media to spread the word.