It was another week of impressive progress for the nation’s farmers with corn harvest now at 85 percent complete. According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, this progress puts the corn harvest pace 23 percentage points above the 2014 report and 6 percentage points ahead of the five-year.

Looking at state-specific progress, the vast majority of states made significant progress over the last week. However, two states in particular are falling further behind their state’s five-year average:

  • Colorado: With corn harvest at 45 percent complete, the state is 28 percentage points behind the five year average and 14 percent below the 2014 pace.
  • Texas: The five-year average for Texas at this time is 94 percent, but this year the state is just 84 percent complete thanks in part to the deluge plaguing the state over the last several weeks. Even so, the state is just 1 percentage point behind last year’s report.

Soybeans: Harvest all but finished
The USDA also showed soybean harvest advancing at an incredible pace. As of Nov. 1, 92 percent of soybeans had been harvested, compared to 81 last year and the five-year average of 88 percent.  The USDA will stop reporting on soybean harvest progress beginning next week.

Straggling behind the rest of the pack, North Carolina posted the lowest percentage of soybeans harvested at 36 percent. While it is the state with the least number of soybeans harvested, it remains above its five-year average of 26 percent.

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