Consumer Trends: Taking it to the Internet

Just 10 large commercial ag companies control the majority of what Americans eat, according to the website of a company called AgLocal. FULL STORY »

Who is the fluffy cows artist?

Last month’s feature (“Fluffy cows, the rest of the story,” Drovers/CattleNetwork, August 2013, page 24) described how Matt Lautner’s prize bull Texas Tornado became an Internet sensation earlier this year. FULL STORY »

Auditing animal welfare

There are more opportunities than ever for producers to let consumers know how they care for their cattle. FULL STORY »

The continuing evolution of ADT

Animal disease traceability moves forward, with states setting standards and forging agreements. FULL STORY »

Iowa's sacred cows

On Sunday, Aug. 11, the animal-rights group Iowans for Animal Liberation attacked the sacred symbol of the Iowa State Fair — the Butter Cow. FULL STORY »

Night watchmen

Jeff Schenk’s sharp eye and experience help him spot sick calves — even in the dark. FULL STORY »

I'm a Drover: A legacy of beef

A career focused on teaching and research into beef quality leaves a lasting influence for students, producers and consumers. FULL STORY »

Declaring sovereignty (over food)

It may be a little early to call food sovereignty an actual movement, but should it become one, Maine will have led the way. FULL STORY »

Improving U.S. beef production

U.S. beef production sets a high standard for production efficiency. Worldwide, it is recognized that our production systems for growing beef are highly developed. But could the cattle industry further increase productivity? FULL STORY »

What is the ideal cow size?

A hot-button topic for many producers is how big is too big and how small is too small? The 1,200-pound cow seems to be the universal measuring stick, yet it may be impractical or impossible for your specific operation. FULL STORY »

Measuring food security

American farmers and ranchers have been challenged in recent years to meet the food needs of a rapidly growing population. There will be 9 billion humans on Earth by 2050, and many estimates say we’ll need to double food production by then. FULL STORY »

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