I'm a Drover: One generation at a time

Mark and Kim Harms will readily tell you they are living their dream — raising cattle and their family in the Flint Hills of Kansas. FULL STORY »

Flaxseed: A superfood for cattle, too

Flax earned its reputation as a superfood — for people — thanks mainly to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. FULL STORY »

GM confusion

We’re living in what many are calling the “information age.” Yet, confusion reigns over many important issues, and our easy access to information — and misinformation — helps fuel that confusion. FULL STORY »

By any other name

A pork butt is a pork butt, until it isn’t. FULL STORY »

Savvy PR or chilling effect on innovation?

Whole Foods Market, a 335-store organic- and natural-food chain, made headlines last month announcing that by 2018 it will require all products in its stores to be labeled, indicating whether they contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). FULL STORY »

I'm a Drover: Balancing act

Wyoming cattleman Scott George adds NCBA president to his diverse list of tasks. FULL STORY »

Environmentalists talk beef

An ongoing debate in the environmental community revolves around the stance toward beef: Is it better to work on making beef production more environmentally friendly or devote their energies to convincing people that they shouldn’t be eating beef? FULL STORY »

Unintended consequences of RFS

American farmers will plant 96.5 million acres of corn this year, according to estimates by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Private industry forecasts suggest acreage could be even higher, depending on planting conditions this spring. FULL STORY »

Global genetics, local beef

Canadian seedstock producer has a broad vision for cattle genetics and a local vision for beef. FULL STORY »

Consumer Trends: Print your meat

A U.S. start-up company called Modern Meadow, based in Columbia, Mo., is hoping to create meat with a 3D bioprinter. It is gathering venture capital now. FULL STORY »

Did global warming close Cargill’s Plainview plant?

When Cargill Meat Solutions announced the closure of its Plainview, Texas, harvest facility last month, the company cited the effects of the ongoing two-year drought as one of the reasons. FULL STORY »

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