A Position on GMOs, modified

Among the opponents of genetically modified crops, Mark Lynas stood out as among the most vocal and the most strident. FULL STORY »

I'm a Drover: Raised local, sold local

‘The Market off Main’ offers high-quality beef and an opportunity to communicate with consumers. FULL STORY »

Tangible evidence cattlemen care

Consumers want to feel good about their food choices. Research repeatedly shows Americans want assurances that the food they feed their families is raised in a manner that is environmentally friendly and — in the case of meat and dairy foods — that the animals are treated humanely. FULL STORY »

Bringing it home

Working off the ranch after college provides young rancher additional education and exposure to new business ideas. FULL STORY »

Fighting food miles

Calculating “food miles” — the distance a particular food item travels from the farm to the consumer — has become a kind of shorthand for a particular food’s “greenness,” at least in terms of its greenhouse-gas emissions. FULL STORY »

Survey suggests producers are optimistic

Despite America’s devastating drought, nearly half of respondents to a Drovers/CattleNetwork online reader survey say they expect to expand their cattle herd over the next three years. FULL STORY »

Entry strategies

It’s no secret that getting started in farming and ranching is only becoming more difficult as land prices soar; that’s a barrier to entry that proves insurmountable for many would-be food producers. FULL STORY »

The virtuous loop

This fall’s discussion about breeding systems has very old roots, but a recent shoot comes from Nevil Speer’s November 2011 white paper, “Crossbreeding: Considerations and Alternatives in an Evolving Market.” FULL STORY »

Animal abuse is livestock industry’s Achilles heel

Somewhere in America today an animal-rights activist lurks on a farm with a hidden camera. It’s hardly a secret. FULL STORY »

140 years of land stewardship

Colorado ranch exemplifies sustainability and conservation in partnership with high-quality beef production. FULL STORY »

Seeking Sustainability

In September, McDonald’s Corporation’s vice president of sustainability, Bob Langert, talked to Bloomberg News about his company’s efforts to pursue sustainability, a subject that he said “is everybody’s business now.” FULL STORY »

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