Commentary: Crossbreed or straightbreed?

Much of your success in the beef business hinges on the genetics of your cow herd, and crossbreeding has long been advocated as a way to gain productivity and profitability. Through a campaign that is sure to summon controversy, a prominent breed association challenges how we appraise crossbreeding. FULL STORY »

Timing is everything

California rancher counts on a short and fickle rainy season to support forage-based beef production. FULL STORY »

‘Steaking’ out a patent

The meat scientist who brought us the petite tender and the flat iron steaks, Tony Mata, has done it again. FULL STORY »

Change for the Worse

If you’ve eaten one in the past few years, you probably noticed: Tomatoes today look good, but they taste bad. Or, more accurately, they don’t really taste like anything. FULL STORY »

Labeling GMOs

This November, California could become the first state to label foods containing genetically modified organisms. FULL STORY »

Coping with a rain-free zone

Natural disasters just sap the optimism out of everyone they touch. But drought can be especially cruel. It lingers for months, sometimes years. And recovery can take even longer. FULL STORY »

Legal battles loom with use of drones

Intelligence gathered by unmanned military drones significantly aided the mission of Navy Seal Team 6 when they stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound in Afghanistan last year. FULL STORY »

Making meat

Call it fake meat, meat analog or faux meat, there’s no denying there’s a market for meat-like products — in this country, a $340 million market. FULL STORY »

Celebrating our heritage and tradition

No industry in America celebrates the tradition and heritage of its past more than the cattle industry. FULL STORY »


It may be lean, finely textured beef to some people, but it will always be pink slime to many more. FULL STORY »

Outraged, but not over pink slime

Years of food-safety research and development were flushed in a matter of days last month due to a media firestorm over an icky moniker attached to a beef product by a former USDA employee. FULL STORY »

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