Future fish

Now in its second decade, the battle over the genetically modified sal-mon — “Frankenfish” to some — continues. FULL STORY »

Beef faces a supply crisis

The beef industry is facing a supply crisis as liquidation of our nation’s cow herd has now reached a critical stage. FULL STORY »

Want safe food? Technology offers a solution

At least 35 people died in Germany this spring and more than 3,300 fell ill from an E. coli outbreak that left health officials scrambling to identify and isolate the source. By mid-June it was announced the source of the contamination was determined to be sprouts from a farm in northern Germany. FULL STORY »

Fat comes back

For decades, it’s been nearly impossible to miss the message that fat is bad: The more we banished fat from our plates, the better off (thinner, healthier) we’d be. FULL STORY »

Modern feeding, traditional husbandry

Iowa feeding operation applies low-stress handling while capitalizing on co-product feeds. FULL STORY »

Now serving one billion

China’s economy is growing several times faster than ours: Estimates are for growth in per capita income over the next 10 years of around 8 percent. FULL STORY »

Pondering ‘Life Without Oil’

We’re running out of oil. Oh, we won’t run out of oil tomorrow, or next year. In fact, oil may remain our primary energy source for the remainder of your lifetime. Still, the supply is finite. FULL STORY »

Lessons from the hen house

Sound management and transparency help Arizona-based egg pro-ducer build a positive public image. FULL STORY »

Consumer Trends: Roaming into the meat case

Bison are making a comeback — again. Media outlets across the country are reporting that bison meat is becoming more popular, that prices are rising and that demand is outstripping supply. FULL STORY »

I'm a Drover: Focused on forage

Montana rancher stockpiles forage, supplements hay to control winter feed costs. FULL STORY »

Commentary: McDonald’s pledges to provide “sustainable” food products

McDonald’s doesn’t just sell hamburgers and fries. They sell cool – as in free Wi-Fi, premium-blend coffee, salads, veggie burgers and “really cool” milkshakes. As the world’s largest purchaser of beef, they’re asking more of their suppliers. Are we listening? FULL STORY »

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