Consumer Trends

Along came a spider ... with a side salad

More than 1,500 kinds of bugs show up on menus worldwide — mostly various beetles, but also ants, bees, moths, grasshoppers and other arthropods such as tarantulas and centipedes. FULL STORY »

Another wrinkle in the GIPSA debate

Opponents of the proposed new GIPSA rules point to several reasons for their resistanc — among them: reduced profits for producers, risk of litigation and loss of privacy, a phasing out of value-based marketing — but the one that is most likely to get consumer attention is the animal-welfare angle. FULL STORY »

Get your goat

While it’s not exactly surprising news — for several years, the media have been reporting on goat meat’s surge in popularity — goats have now become the fastest growing area of the livestock industry. FULL STORY »

Keeping it kosher

What’s the fastest growing segment in the food industry? Organic? All-natural? Local? Nope, it’s kosher food, and it is outpacing even organics in the United States. FULL STORY »

Cutting our meat

When (and why) our ancestors became meat eaters has long intrigued scientists, who agree that hominids started out as herbivores. FULL STORY »

Farming and the city

The word farming usually conjures up images of vast, open fields, but today about 15 percent of the world’s food is a product of urban agriculture, growing among buildings and pavement. FULL STORY »

The butcher’s back

These days, butchery is cool. Small butcher shops are making a comeback, more chefs are learning to cut up whole animals and consumers are thronging to classes on how to break down a carcass. FULL STORY »

Beyond the grade

Many consumers, standing in the meat aisle looking for a delicious piece of beef, rely on the guidance of the USDA grade. FULL STORY »

Looking at lunch

In 1946, researchers concluded that many young men were rejected by draft boards prior to World War II because of physical problems stemming from inadequate childhood nutrition. FULL STORY »

Taste’s Fifth Dimension

The humble meatball is 2010’s Dish of the Year, according to Bon Appetit magazine — a prediction that happens to fit nicely with the trends foretold on many other food-related Web sites, which call for this to be the year that umami finally becomes a household word. FULL STORY »

As Seen on TV

Ads aiming to sell food and beverages to children need more regulation. FULL STORY »

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