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Food fights and meat matters

From Michael Pollan books to Eric Schlosser movies to an accumulation of undercover animal abuse videos, agriculture has been getting a lot of media attention recently, most of it negative. FULL STORY »

Irradiation considerations

Food safety — particularly beef safety — is front-page news once again, in the wake of a New York Times article about a woman left paralyzed by an E.coli infection that came from a tainted hamburger. FULL STORY »

The Green Revolution continues

In September, Norman Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution, the movement that created bumper agricultural crops in the poorest countries, died. FULL STORY »

An organic debate

Organic foods are no more nutritious than those grown convention-ally — that’s according to the recently released results of a study by the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency, based on collected research from the last 50 years. FULL STORY »

Beef won’t float your boat

Now taking its place alongside the notion of a carbon footprint as an issue of major environmental concern is a term you may expect to hear more in the future: a water footprint. FULL STORY »

Freeing the chickens

In England, cage-free-egg sales have now surpassed conventional-egg sales. FULL STORY »

Tax the rich (and the sweet and the salty)

In the interest of addressing a growing obesity problem, the French government is considering a tax — something between 5 and 19 percent — on all foods the government deems “too rich, too sweet, too salty, and which are not strictly necessary.” FULL STORY »

A new kind of MBA

Consumers want to hear from you. When asked whom they considered the most trustworthy sources of information about their food, farmers and ranchers topped the list. FULL STORY »

California’s dry times

As the United States’ top farming state, California has  —  or had  —  a $35 billion farm industry. FULL STORY »

Agriculture, modified

Many Americans are surprised to hear that about 60 percent of the foods on grocery store shelves contains genetically modified ingredients (most from GM corn and soybeans). FULL STORY »

The man in the middle

Running the Department of Agriculture is an enormous task. President Obama has chosen Tom Vilsack  —  a lawyer, not a farmer  —  to fill this job FULL STORY »

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