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Teach your consumers well

Beef is good for you. That’s the simple message the industry continually seeks to broadcast. FULL STORY »

Flavor and juiciness

Even though tenderness is usually considered the most important element of the palatability trio — tenderness, juiciness and flavor — juiciness and flavor can’t be ignored. FULL STORY »

Show some tenderness

Tenderness, juiciness and flavor — these are the qualities that determine whether someone eating a piece of beef will be happy or unhappy. Of those, tenderness is generally considered the most important. FULL STORY »

Coming soon: new cuts for consumers

Be on the lookout for at least four new beef value cuts. The new cuts, fabricated from the beef chuck roll, are predicted to debut in foodservice and retail channels in 2008. FULL STORY »

Growing a community

Organic food is hot, but local food is hotter. While grocery stores are identifying any food they can with a local label and farmers’ markets are multiplying, some consumers are getting their food straight from the source: the farm. FULL STORY »

Foie gras for thought

Twice each week, a dozen protesters wave signs at incoming patrons of Le Bec-Fin, a famous Philadelphia restaurant. Some of them show photographs of a normal duck liver next to one that is swollen to 10 times that size, a liver destined to become foie gras. FULL STORY »

What’s safe to eat?

More than 130 countries send food to this country, and those imports make up more than 10 percent of the food Americans consume, according to the USDA. Only about 1 percent of that imported food is inspected. FULL STORY »

DNA: To paternity and beyond

For years, consumers have clamored for a better and more consistent eating experience from their beef. FULL STORY »

The COOL debate warms up

In a March 2003 Colorado State University survey, 69 percent of consumers were willing to pay more for steaks clearly labeled “USA Guaranteed: Born and Raised in the United States” than for those with no origin label FULL STORY »

Planting the seeds of the farm bill

Suddenly the farm bill is a hot topic. With the debate over its next iteration well underway, it’s not only the usual suspects — commodity interest groups and trade organizations — who are weighing in. FULL STORY »

Meet the new cow, same as the old cow

Science can now create a steer from a steak, and the FDA says that’s okay. FULL STORY »

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