Consumer Trends

School days

College campuses are climbing aboard the local-food bandwagon. FULL STORY »

Our aging world

It’s an established fact that people are getting older – not just individually, of course, but as a whole. FULL STORY »

The irradiation situation

Food irradiation is a technology that is said to be capable of eliminating disease-causing germs in food. In 1997, FDA approved irradiation for use on red meat. FULL STORY »

BSE: The consumer perspective

Inside the beef industry, BSE is the focus of much discussion. But what are people on the outside — consumers — saying? FULL STORY »

What consumers want

The U.S. beef industry is in transition. FULL STORY »

Building a bigger burger

For a while, it looked like the tide was turning and we were going to eat healthier. FULL STORY »

Food with a purpose

Is your breakfast cereal lowering your blood pressure? Reducing your risk of heart disease? Cutting your cholesterol? Today, cereals claim to do all those things. FULL STORY »

Food with a story

People are taking a serious interest in their food these days. FULL STORY »

From meat to meals

When Swanson introduced the TV dinner in 1954, consumers loved it. Most likely, that wasn’t because of the way the frozen meals tasted —it was because of their convenience. Suddenly, dinner could be ready in minutes. FULL STORY »

The beef with Wal-Mart

You probably know that Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in the world. But did you know that almost 40 percent of Wal-Mart’s sales are in the grocery department? Or that they sell $5.3 billion in fresh meats annually? In 2006, Wal-Mart’s retail stores are projected to sell 878 million pounds of beef and grinds. That’s 3.5 percent of all U.S. beef sales. FULL STORY »

It’s only natural

Lately, growth in the grocery business in general has been uninspired, nearly flat-lining at 2 or 3 percent annually. But something quite different has been happening in the organic and all-natural aisle: there, business is booming, with growth reported to be about 20 percent. FULL STORY »

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