Over the past 16 months, our Profit Tips section has become one of Drovers' most popular features. Each month our editors work to gather short bits of information that are deemed most useful and timely for producers actively involved in operating a farm or ranch. But we've also asked you to share your ideas through the pages of Profit Tips. As an incentive, we offer $50 for every profit tip sent to Drovers that is published in the magazine.

The popularity of Profit Tips has led us to create an annual contest to determine the best of the best. Our Grand Prize winner will receive $500, plus two runners-up will receive $250 awards. First announced in last month's Drovers, the profit tip contest will include all ideas published during 1998 and 1999. Deadline for entries in this year's contest is Oct. 29, 1999, with winners announced in our December issue.

Many of our profit tips are found by editors while visiting farms or ranches in the course of developing feature stories. Profit tips written and photographed by our editors give credit to the individual who developed the idea, but do not qualify for the $50 cash payment. However, these profit tips are eligible to compete for Profit Tip of the Year and the $500 cash prize.

Here's how you can enter:

Submit ideas that you've implemented on your farm or ranch to save time/money, improve safety or overall business efficiency. Be sure to provide written details about the tip and, if possible, include a color photograph, slide or drawing. You may enter as many items as you wish, but remember that the simplest ideas are often the best.

At the end of October 1999, profit tip entries will be submitted to a panel of judges, all of whom are actively engaged in ranching or cattle production.

Send your ideas to: Drovers, Profit Tips, 10901 W. 84th Terr., Lenexa, KS 66214.

To date, the following individuals have developed profit tips published by Drovers and are entered in the Profit Tip of the Year contest: Martin Dawson, Belt, Mont.; Ed Helgeson, Crookston, Minn.; Rod Peppel, Quapaw, Okla.; Dr. Gary McIntire, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Maurice Erickson, Eureka, Kan.; Len Cox, Rio Rancho, N.M.; John Stoneman, Breckenridge, Mich.; Rande Blanchard, D.V.M., Elmwood, Wis.; Charley Orchard, Bozeman, Mont.; George Outtrey, Woodburn, Iowa; Kip Jackson, Ky.