One of the more frustrating chores on a ranch, when you are by yourself, can be hooking-up the stock trailer to a truck. The task is more difficult if the truck has an extended cab. The job usually requires getting out of the cab several times to walk back to visually inspect how close the hitch is to the ball in the truck bed. It’s time consuming and often exhausting. Texas rancher Louie Woodall developed a simple system to make hookups faster and easier. He attached a rubber bungee strap across the bed of his truck, even with the ball hitch. At the center of the bungee, directly over the ball, he tied an orange strap that can easily be seen from the driver’s seat. Woodall says he can now easily back the truck into the correct position, and when the bungee strap touches the trailer hitch he knows it’s in place to be lowered and secured to the ball.