Profit Tips

Profit Tips: Pasture management - Feeding cattle on sparse pastur

When drought limits forage availability, supplemental feeding on pasture can be economical, says University of Nebraska animal scientist Rick Rasby, PhD. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Genetics - Selecting for calmer cattle

Stockmen know that wild, temperamental cattle present a danger to handlers, facilities and other cattle. FULL STORY »

Benefits of choosing the proper lubricant

Today's agricultural machinery costs up to several hundred thousand dollars and maintaining that equipment to ensure availability is critical for optimum productivity and profitability. Mark Betner, product manager for Mystik Lubricants, offers these tips on lubrication for agricultural equipment: FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Animal Health - Prevent anaplasmosis

The mild winter and early spring in many parts of the country created favorable conditions for insects and other vectors of disease such as anaplasmosis, specialists warn. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Forage Management - Don’t rush to restock

Experts with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service are advising beef cattle producers to use caution and strategic planning when thinking about restocking herds after drought. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Cow-calf management - Breed heifers early

A variety of estrus-synchronization programs help get the heifers bred in a timely manner, including simple estrus detection, estrus detection with timed AI and fixed-timed AI protocols. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Genetics - Seek simplicity in genetic selection

With the availability of expected progeny differences, selection indexes and genomic ratings for a wide range of traits, genetic decisions can become complex and intimidating. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Equipment - Portable calf hut

Rancher Phillip Hofer converted a salvaged water tank into a portable shelter for newborn calves. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Cow-calf management - Implants in nursing calves

As ranchers think about vaccination programs they’ll use at branding, University of Nebraska cow-calf and range-management specialist Karla Jenkins, PhD, says only a few consider how growth implants could be used as a management tool for the nursing calf. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Finance - Lease or own cows and bulls?

In several situations, ranchers might want to consider leasing arrangements for establishing or expanding a beef herd. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Cow-calf management - Selecting replacement heifers

Several years of herd liquidation, compounded by severe drought, make replacement heifers a valuable commodity as ranchers seek to add numbers. FULL STORY »

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