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Profit Tips: Cow-calf management - Implants in nursing calves

As ranchers think about vaccination programs they’ll use at branding, University of Nebraska cow-calf and range-management specialist Karla Jenkins, PhD, says only a few consider how growth implants could be used as a management tool for the nursing calf. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Equipment - Durable mineral feeder

Commercial mineral and salt feeders are one expense Richard Roth eliminates on the IX Ranch, Big Sandy, Mont. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Management - Online weather resources

The unusual weather across the United States this year has brought some drought relief to the southern Plains while raising concerns over lack of moisture in parts of the northern Corn Belt. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Marketing - Traits that add value to calves

Calving season is still underway for many ranches, but this is a good time to begin planning and preparing to receive top prices when those calves go to market. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Pasture Management - 300 days of grazing

As prices for harvested feeds, fuel and fertilizer continue to rise, cow-calf and stocker operators recognize that more grazing and less feeding can reduce production costs and improve profits. With that in mind, specialists at the University of Arkansas have developed a “300 Day Grazing Program.” FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Reproduction - Rectal palpation and pregnancy loss

Researchers at Texas A&M University recently conducted a study to determine whether rectal palpation for pregnancy determination affects pregnancy loss, as sometimes believed. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Nutrition - Byproduct feeds for gestating cows

With calving season rapidly approaching for springcalving cows, nutrition becomes critical. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Cattle feeding - Short feeding and carcass quality

High grain prices and cost of gain in the feedyard have driven recent interest in managing cattle to heavier weights on forage, followed by shorter finishing periods on grainbased rations. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Genetics - Prepare before purchasing bulls

As bull-sale season gets underway, Kansas State University cow-calf specialist Bob Weaber, PhD, advises ranchers to do their homework to ensure bulls they purchase meet their needs. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Management - Easy wintering

Mild winter weather across much of the United States has made winter chores much easier than normal. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Management - Managing for game and cattle

For many farmers and ranchers, game birds and other wildlife offer an additional source of revenue from hunters willing to pay for access to private land. FULL STORY »

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