Keep 'em standingWorking cattle is strenuous and stressful, both for workers and the cattle. The job becomes even more stressful and dangerous when an animal goes down in the chute. Traveling western Nebraska as an employee for Pfizer Animal Health, Travis Wenzel discovered an after-market addition to a working chute designed by Dr. James Sasse, Sasse Animal Clinic, Gordon, Neb., to prevent animals from going down. These photos show a chain that has been added to a chute and attached to a ring on the belly bar with chain hooks attached high on the back of the chute. “This chain addition keeps cows from going down in the chute while procedures are being performed, especially OB procedures,” Wenzel says. “Often, cattle going down in the chute during such procedures can result in the death of the animal and possible injury to the person working on the animal. After the animal is in the chute, the chains are hooked up above on the back of the chute, under the animal’s rear legs, essentially holding them up.” The cost was “$100 at most.” Items include a 20-foot chain, two chain hooks and an eyelet welded to the existing belly bar in the chute.