ATVs have become a working necessity on many American cattle operations, but Montana rancher Richard Roth says, “Here on the IX we have moved away from ATVs and into UTVs.” That’s because, he says, the utility vehicles are safer and last longer than ATVs — “especially when used as true utility vehicles.”

However, Roth says the UTV bedsrequire some modifications to better suit ranch work. IX ranch manager Todd Amsbaugh designed and built a fencing attachment for UTVs that makes the vehicles more functional.

Using scrap metal such as grader blade pieces, salvaged disks and old tractor tool boxes, Amsbaugh created storage and hauling space for steel T-posts, barbed wire and fencing tools. Flat iron is added to the top of the box while square tubing and angle iron is added to make the tool rack. That is bolted to the box and remains permanent. An added T-post holder mounts to the box frame with two, 2-inch pegs that fit into holes. “This is easily mounted and removed, and stays in place by the weight of the T-posts,” Roth says. At the back of the box is a bolt-mounted wire roller. “Both of these pieces can be put on and taken off in a matter of minutes.”

Rancher-friendly UTV