A farmer's feedbunks can have many uses such as weaning calves, feeding replacement heifers or even feeding the cow-herd. And with many uses the height of the cross cables must often vary for different animal types. Leo Riechers of Belmont, Wis., installed his own posts and cables across his feedbunks and designed them to be adjustable.

Mr. Riechers' cables are strung through half of a chain link which he welded to the up-right pipes as pictured below. The pipes are bolted onto the cement bunk.

The yellow sleeve is a 2 3/8-inch pipe, 22 inches long which slides over the green 2-inch by 45-inch pipe bolted to the feedbunk. The pipe-within-a-pipe system allows the cables to be raised or lowered to accommodate calves or mature cattle. A 3/8-inch bolt, which goes through both pipes can be raised to a 12-inch, 16-inch or 20-inch spacing.

For more information Mr. Riechers can be reached by phone at (608) 762-5681.