A new program known as AGROGUARD may serve as a model for farms wanting to step up their vigilance against possible cases of agroterrorism.

A collaborative effort of law enforcement, industry and academia, AGROGUARD is similar to a neighborhood-watch program. Producers and food processors in Kansas post purple and white metal signs proclaiming, “We report all suspicious activity.” Phone numbers for reporting suspicious behavior are included on the signs. 

James Lane, under-sheriff for the Ford County Sheriff’s Department, says the signs serve as a deterrent. They also raise awareness among producers, the general public and law-enforcement officers regarding the possibility of an agroterrorist attack. Many law-enforcement officers don’t understand agriculture and need to be brought up to speed on possible agroterrorism threats. 

You contact James Lane at 620-227-4590 or e-mail him at jlane@fordcounty.net for more information.