Feeding cattle can be one of the most labor-intensive aspects of running a ranch. Ralph Miller and his family routinely process calves purchased through auction markets for their stocker business, and like many operations, feeding those new arrivals meant hauling 5-gallon buckets of feed to the trough. The process was such a chore that Miller “finally decided there had to be a better way.” The “better way” Miller developed resulted in a unique, ATV-powered feed delivery system. With the help of a friend, Miller mounted a 450-pound-capacity “cake feeder” on an old boat trailer that was modified to fit. The feeder/trailer is pulled behind an ATV, and the feed delivery motor is powered by the ATV battery. Small racks were added to the front and back of the feeder “just in case I need to transport buckets.” Miller says the estimated cost of labor and materials was about $1,350. “What had been a chore is now a piece of cake,” Miller says.