Feedyard managers who were successful in dealing with the overabundance of snow during past winter blizzards have several things in common according to Lance Huck, livestock production specialist for Kansas State Research and Extension Service in the Southwest region. The key to handling anything Mother Nature throws at you is preparation and a team of good employees. Other strategies include:

Waterers were winterized early.

Blizzard management plans were discussed with employees well in advance of inclement weather.

Goals focused on keeping cattle dry through pen management and warm through maximizing feed intake.

Extra equipment was on hand prior to each blizzard.

Crews worked around the clock first piling and then removing the snow.
Pens with new cattle were cleaned first.

Upper management participated first-hand in the clean-up effort.

Huddles of new cattle were stirred often during the blizzard to prevent trampling and suffocation.

Employees and their families were rewarded with overtime pay and special appreciation celebrations following the cleanup.