Developing an effective team in the workplace requires commitment from management. Jorge Estrada, of Washington-based Leadership Coaching International Inc., works on human-resources issues with livestock operations and other agricultural businesses. He offers these tips for building a team.

Acknowledge that people come first

  • Spend time with the crews.
  • Listen to them actively.
  • Know their needs.

Let them know how much you value them

  • Ask them directly: “Do we give you the necessary support to achieve excellent performance?”
  • Personalize the relationships.
  • Call them by their own names.
  • Show them genuine interest.
  • Believe in them.
  • Set the expectations.
  • Make a commitment.

Focus on learning

  • Encourage self development.
  • Identify drivers and aspirations of each team member.
  • Share relevant information with the team.
  • Provide them with an ongoing training program.
  • Measure the important things under their cont