In a "Cattlemen's College" presentation during the Nebraska Cattlemen's annual convention, veterinarian John Seeger with Pfizer Animal Health, offered several biosecurity tips to prevent disease losses during calving season.

  • Strictly control the entry of new animals into the herd. Avoid "good buy" cows, heifers or replacement calves. Set up a quarantine facility for new animals entering the herd.
  • Monitor potential entry of disease agents into pastures through vectors such as people, pets or wildlife.
  • Avoid introducing disease into calving pastures by way of machinery or equipment.
  • Dispose of dead calves promptly and properly. Remove sick calves from the calving pasture.
  • Separate cows that have calved from those that have not.
  • Avoid using calving facilities that can concentrate pathogens.
  • Rotate calving pastures.