Mitch Blatter of Malta, Mont., can cut and bag 100 tons of chopped silage per day by himself and doesn't require expensive new equipment to get it done.

With his son heading to college out of state, Mr. Blatter faced chopping 2,400 tons of silage by himself. Together he and his son designed and built a trailer that could tow the unmanned catch truck behind their John Deere chopper. First, the rear wheels of the catch truck are backed onto the homemade trailer. The chopper then pulls the truck around the field while it shoots chopped hay or grain into the truck box. When it's full, Mr. Blatter simply leaves the chopper in the field and drives the truck to unload into silage bags.

To increase efficiency, the Blatters also retrofitted the 12-foot-wide header on their chopper into a 20-foot-wide header. With a wider head and the ability to tow rather than drive the truck, Mr. Blatter saves fuel and time.