As grazing season sprouts up, so do noxious weeds. Many weed control plans start before cattle are turned out, but a year-long plan is best for complete prevention. There are certain preventative steps you can take during the grazing season and after to prevent the spread of noxious weeds.

  • Refrain from driving vehicles and machinery through a weed-infested area and then into a weed-free area unless the undercarriage is washed first.
  • Control emerging weeds in the wash-up area.
  • Limit the movement of animals that have grazed on weedinfested sites until after the seeds have passed through them.
  • Use livestock feed that is certified weed-seed free.
  • Contain neighboring weed infestations.
  • Minimize soil disturbances and revegetate with desirable plants where necessary.
  • Eradicate weed introductions as soon as they are detected.