Snow fences are an excellent way to control wind and snow. Solid fences can provide better protection in an area directly next to the fence, but a porous fence will allow you to protect a larger area.

Wind is forced over the top and around the sides of a solid fence and snow is then deposited on the upward side. Fences with a 25 percent to 50 percent open area will have a snow deposit zone about 10 times the fence height downwind from the fence. This is abouttwice as long as a solid fence. A porous type fence has a distance of wind protection 20 times the fence height downwind.

Fence openings should be 2 to 21/2 inches wide, openings wider than 5 inches let too much wind through in one place and are ineffective. Windbreak fences should not be connected to a corner of any structure, as this will allow the snow to be funneled into the building. Fences should be at least 16 feet away from the corner of the building and extend 16 feet beyond the opening into the building. It also is helpful to have the fence height the same as the eave of the building.