As a registered Angus seedstock producer and marketer of a branded natural beef product the 7 Bar Heart Conservancy must track its cattle from conception to consumption. Owners, Greg Gould and Aimee Hachigian-Gould instituted a tagging ID system that makes it easier to identify individual animals, sire groups and maternal lines. The identification system saves time and money, improves safety and overall business efficiency.

Two ear tags are placed in each calf at birth. An animal’s unique herd number is placed in the right ear. The calf’s pedigree information is put on the left ear tag starting with the letter of the sire at the top. On the second line the number of the dam is written followed by the letter representing the dam’s sire. On the bottom line the number of the granddam is listed followed by the letter of her sire as well.

In case of lost tags the calves number is tattooed in both ears. Replacement females receive a freeze brand of their unique herd number to aid in identification from longer distances.