Praising employees brings rewards to your operation. But, many times you are busy with your own duties and fail to recognize the good work being done. Here's a few tips from the newsletter "The Motivational Manager" to help you remember to praise:

Make it an entry on your to-do list. Simply write the name of each employee who works for you in your planner. Or, if you carry a pocket notebook with you, put the names there. As you praise the employee, cross his or her name off.

Write notes at the end of the day. Keep a stack of note cards on your desk where you can see them. At the end of the day, write a thank-you note to an employee who did exceptional work. Place the note in the employee's mailbox or tape it to his or her locker.

Place five coins in a pocket of your pants every morning. Each time you recognize an employee, shift a coin to another pocket.