Ed and Paul Sarman of Lamoille, Nev., designed a labor-saving method to freshen up feedbunks. They feed long hay along a manger in the mornings. By mid day, the replacement heifers have sorted through the hay and have pushed much of the uneaten long hay out of muzzle range. After lunch, Ed and Paul simply lower the side-delivery rake wheels on their modified pickup ranch truck and make one pass by the bunk. This pushes the hay back into the feedbunk area. Heifers associate the modified ranch truck with fresh feed. Site of the vehicle brings them to the bunk in mid day for additional feed consumption. Previous to using the modified side-delivery rake, the Sarman brothers spent one hour per day with a pitch fork pushing the hay back into the bunks. The system was built entirely with junk parts in the ranch shop with labor being their only out-of-pocket cost.