Feedyard managers can predict cattle growth and performance with PRISIM, a computer software program provided by Intervet. PRISIM (Performance Reports for Integrating Solutions in Management) is a set of 19 programs that "allows the feedlot manager to determine not only the 'why' of animal and feedlot performance, but also the impact on profitability of selected managerial changes," says Brett Whitehead, vice president of the Cattle Business Unit of Intervet.

PRISIM is unique because its calculations are based on biological energetics-the measurement of energy transformation within an animal. PRISIM will be licensed to current Intervet feedlot customers, beef industry consultants and nutritionists at no charge. Long-term licensing to individual feedlots, how-ever, will be dependent upon the volume of Intervet products used.

To obtain a copy of PRISIM contact Intervet at 800-835-0541.