Many times feedyard personnel are so involved with day-to-day challenges that areas such as proper drug administration, product care and animal handling are overlooked. Now feedyards can produce beef free from defects and maximize the benefits of animal health products with knowledge and skills gained in a Quality Assurance Critical Control Points Program. The QACCP program offered by Fort Dodge Animal Health is based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. While HACCP focuses on food safety in beef processing, the QACCP program zeroes in on beef production.

The program involves training of feedyard personnel in the care and administration of products, animal handling practices, production facility maintenance and sanitation as well as food safety issues. It also includes measurement tools to assist in the monitoring of the various procedures. The sessions include a mix of in-class presentations, discussions and hands-on training as well as take-home reference materials.

For more information on the QACCP training program, contact Fort Dodge Animal Health at (800) 477-1365.