Farmers and ranchers are always looking for ways to cut costs. But one area often over-looked is the cost of auto insurance. What you pay depends on your insurance company, the kind of vehicle you drive, where you live and the coverage you carry. Here are some suggestions for reducing your costs.

* Comparison shop for coverage. By comparing costs among different companies, drivers may be able to select a policy that meets their needs while still saving money.

* Be aware of where you live and what you drive. Urban counties have more accidents and thefts, so premiums tend to be higher. Living in a non-urban county and driving less costly vehicles will save you money on your premiums.

* Raise your deductibles. Insurance has always intended to provide compensation in the event of large losses. However, many people expect insurance to pay for everything. It can - but at a higher cost. Raising your deductible from $250 to $500 or more will save you premium dollars.

* Investigate mandatory discount options. Certain discounts may be mandatory in your state such as driver education courses, air bags, and anti-theft devices.

* Investigate optional discounts. Check to see if the following discounts are available: good student discounts, anti-lock brakes or daytime running lights.

By checking the details you may be able to save premium dollars without sacrificing the coverage you need.