"I don't know of any business that succeeds while its people are failing," says Bob Milligan, associate chair for agriculture and economic development at Cornell University.

Milligan advocates creating a win-win environment for you as well as your employees.

Use people-oriented management to reach these goals, says Milligan. There are three things involved in learning people-oriented management.

  • Attitude toward people. Bernie Erven, agricultural economist, Ohio State University, says you need to show trust, empathy, optimism, humility, openness and a willingness to share the glory.
  • Develop interpersonal skills. Key interpersonal skills include communication, conflict management, leadership and discipline.
  • Basic human resource procedures. There are eight critical H.R. procedures says Milligan: designing jobs, writing job descriptions, recruiting, interviewing and selecting, orientation and training, motivation, performance appraisal and competitive compensation and benefits.