"It seems to get more difficult each year to find help when it comes time to mark calves on our ranch," writes Jim Tinkler of Ft. Stockton, Texas. "As a result I designed and built a calf chute in which three men can mark, castrate, brand and vaccinate up to 30 calves an hour."

Mr. Tinkler’s chute design features narrow, solid walls to prevent calves from turning or catching feet. One man runs the head gate, one brands and castrates and one man pushes calves into the chute. A full-length side door swings opens at the rear of the chute to allow easy access for castration and branding. A center, mid-length access panel allows the head-gate operator to assist in procedures while keeping the calf securely restrained.

"We used the chute when we marked our calves in August and it did indeed save valuable time and manpower," says Mr. Tinkler. "The chute is portable and can be moved from one set of pens to another."