The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University has developed sample age and source- verification documents to assist producers in developing their own verification procedures in light of evolving trade issues and regulations such as country-of-origin labeling.

“Verifying the age or source of your cattle doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be thorough,” says John Lawrence, director of the IBC. He adds that the documents, if filled out and maintained diligently, will meet USDA’s expected documentation and auditing requirements and prepare them for marketplace requests for information.

The IBC documents are an example of how the system may work and can be used as templates that producers can customize to their own operations and marketing needs. The documents include an Iowa Feedlot Management Description Form, an Iowa Cow-Calf Management Description Form and a Transfer Form for cow-calf producers selling steers and heifers to feeders. These documents, along with an Age and Source Verification Fact Sheet, can be downloaded from the IBC’s Web site ( and are free of charge. You can also call 515-294-BEEF for more information.