Almost every farm or ranch has that location where tools are stored and broken things fixed. Whether your shop is your home-away-from-home or just a place to hang your fence stretchers, a thorough inspection and some repairs may prevent accidents in the future.

The national safety council offers some common- sense suggestions.

  • Organize your shop and make sure everything is secure in its place so that no items will fall on anyone.
  • Keep walkways clear to reduce tripping and falling.
  • Have an operational fire extinguisher, smoke alarm and first aid kit present.
  • Make sure the shop has adequate lighting. If it is heated, ensure that it is vented properly. Keep flammable liquids out of the shop area when heating element is present.
  • Lock up all chemicals.
  • Provide proper protective equipment so it is readily available when needed. Items include leather gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, safety glasses, face shields, earplugs, and welding aprons or shields when necessary.