Many managers have mastered the basics of hiring, training and motivating employees. But even with all of these accomplishments, they still have a hard time truly empowering their employees, explains Sarah Fogleman, extension human resources specialist at Kansas State University. If you want to learn how to empower employees, she suggests the following keys:

  • Surround yourself with the best people possible.
  • Teach them how to do their jobs.
  • Give them what they need to do their jobs.
  • Tell them what you expect of them.
  • Hold them accountable for performance.
  • Provide regular and thorough feedback and evaluation.
  • Get out of their way and allow them to do their jobs.
  • Be available to step back in when help is needed.

Remember, says Ms. Fogleman, if you surround yourself with people who know their jobs, are good at their jobs and are left alone to do their jobs, you can go further than your critics would ever expect.