Weaning bunks should be positioned so calves come into contact with them as they walk the pen.

  • If calves tend to stand in one area close to the cows, the feedbunks should be placed there.
  • Include a minimum of 18 inches of bunk space per calf.
  • Since hay is most like the forage calves eat in the pasture, attract calves to feed grain by putting grain mix on top of bunk hay.
  • Put a small percentage of the hay around the bunks or hanging out on to the ground to help calves find the feedbunk.
  • Feed calves at least twice a day, which will allow you to keep feed fresh and observe the calves more often.
  • In hot weather, many nutritionists recommend feeding 70 percent of the calves' ration in the evening and 30 percent in the morning.