Merial, Allflex and AgInfoLink have teamed up to help you use individual animal management technology to measure productivity and quality. The Beef Results Network will help:

  • manage individual animals
  • generate cost of production information
  • improve business productivity and profitability
  • sort cattle based on average daily gains of individual cattle
  • cull bulls and cows based on progeny performance data
  • provide high quality consistent beef

Education seminars and training programs are part of the services provided through the network. Allflex provides radio frequency technologies for animal identification; Merial assists to improve the health of beef cattle and optimize weight gain; AgInfoLink is the information management service provider with its BeefLink software enabling the sharing of confidential data among participating operations.

For information about the Beef Results Network contact Merial: (888) 8-IVOMEC; AgInfoLink: (512) 258-1121; Allflex: (800) 989-8247.