On Wesley Steffes' Angus Farm near Morris, Ill., an old gravity-flow grain wagon was converted into a mobile creep feeder. The self-feeding, side dump wagon replaces all shoveling of grains and can handle about 75 head of calves at a time.

Mr. Steffes attached an 8-foot long feed trough below the adjustable grain outlet and surrounded the feeder with panels to allow calves in but keep cows out. On the opposite side of the wagon a second trough was mounted to allow a place to provide mineral and salt to the cowherd. Feed is loaded into the wagon using an auger to drop feed through an opening in the top of the built-on, sloped roof.

Mr. Steffes designed the wrap-around creep gates to include a head gate. The head gate is ideal for catching sick calves with or without some extra help, he says. By simply pulling two pins you can hook to the wagon and go to a new pasture or pen. For more information, call (815) 942-3863.