Moving cattle into a manual headgate when someone has to stand in the front to close the headgate can be difficult, points out Paul Waldner from Platte, S.D. As a solution, he and his partner came up with an idea to extend the headgate lever to allow the person operating the headgate to stand behind the cattle in the chute.

Start by bending a 2-inch pipe so it lines up with the lever used to close the headgate. Mr. Waldner made the pipe long enough to reach back to the walkway on the outside of the cattle-working tub. Then he bent it 90 degrees and welded hinges on the pipe above the alley and welded the pipe on the hinges.  He also attached a spring to the pipe so that when it wasn’t needed, the spring pulls the extension lever preventing someone from banging their head. Now he says they can move the cattle ahead without having to go up to the headgate to close it and cause the cattle to balk.