What can you do to get more forage from your pasture? Fertilizing, controlling weeds and planting legumes are just a few solutions. But one of the most overlooked ways to increase consumable forage is to reduce waste. How do you do that? Control where your cattle graze and for how long.

Management intensive grazing or rotational grazing means confining animals to a smaller area so that they will eat more of the available forage and waste less. The smaller the area they are confined to, the faster they will graze it down and the less forage they'll trample and defecate on.

Here are some additional benefits to rotational grazing:

  • Better control over livestock. You handle cattle more often, making them more docile.
  • Rest periods between grazing. This allows pastures to recover and persist longer.
  • Nutrient waste. Urine and manure will be re-distributed more evenly.
  • Move cattle often. You can do a better job observing body condition and pasture condition, improving management.