Feedyard necropsy can be a valuable tool for diagnosing disease and preventing further death loss. But without the presence of a veterinarian, feedyard crews performing the necropsy face the difficulty of correctly identifying signs of disease and accurately communicating their findings to the feedyard's consulting veterinarian. The Web site for the Great Plains Veterinary Education Center, Clay Center, Neb., contains a file outlining how to score lung lesions in feedyard necropsies. The file also includes a series of color photographs illustrating different types of lung lesions caused by respiratory disease in feedyard cattle. The site includes several other files offering guidelines on conducting necropsies. With the assistance of a consulting veterinarian, the site could be a valuable training tool for feedyard crews. To reach the "files" portion of the GPVEC Web site, go to http://gpvec.unl.edu/public/files.htm