Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service and Kansas Cooperative Extension are working together on an educational conference for cow-calf producers. The Oklahoma-Kansas Cattle conference is slated for Oct. 25 in El Dorado, Kan., and Oct. 26 at the Cowboy Junction near Vinita, Okla. 

Some programs that will be highlighted include the Oklahoma Beef Quality Network, the New Oklahoma Master Cattleman Program, the O-K Steer Feed Out, Cherokee Prairie Twenty Steps to Better Profits and field trials ranging from native range fertilization and pasture aeration to homemade field markers for a weed sprayer.

Speakers include Sarah Fogleman, Kansas State University, who will talk about working with hired labor within operations; Jim Gosey, University of Nebraska, will speak on the selection decisions that impact the success and sustainability of cow herds in the Midwest and Southern Plains; and Tom Fields, Colorado State University, will be on hand to help producers sort through the myriad of information sources available to arrive at more sound management decisions in many areas of the cattle operations.

For more information on the Oklahoma meeting, contact Roy Ball, Craig County Extension office, at 918-256-7569. For additional information on the Kansas meeting registration, contact Twig Marston at 785-532-1267.