Some jobs on the farm can be repetitive and, oftentimes, boring. However, you can find ways to motivate employees to accomplish dull jobs, says Dave Grusenmeyer, senior extension associate at Cornell University. For example:

* Enrich your employees' jobs. By giving employees some interesting jobs, in addition to boring ones, they will probably perform well on all jobs. For example, some may be interested in keeping production records or managing maintenance. Grusenmeyer notes that this shouldn't be extra work for the employee, but rather a diversification of his job.

* Create an opportunity for conversation. If more than one person is assigned to a dull task, make the environment suitable for conversation. Grusenmeyer notes that female workers, especially, enjoy good conversation while completing a dull task. You may want to check the noise level in work areas to make sure conversation can occur.

* Allow employees to swop jobs. For example, an employee administering implants may get a break from the head gate and bring calves into the work station. This also helps you cross-train employees, so you have people who can cover the jobs in times of illness or under-staffing.

* Upgrade the radio in the areas to a compact disc player. Employees may enjoy listening to their own music or even a "book on tape."

* Ask your employees what would help make the dull jobs more interesting. This shows that you care, and it also will help generate ideas.