"I remember painting a lot of white fences and posts in Nebraska," says beef producer Joan Thorne who now lives in Adair, Okla. But in these modern times plastic fences make painting fence posts a thing of the past, but they can also be expensive.

"I wanted white plastic fences so I took their idea and conformed it to my budget," says Ms. Thorne. "I drove a regular steel post into the ground then took a 2-inch PVC pipe, cleaned the stamp off and slipped it over the steel post. On the top I used metal, chain-link fence covers to cap the post. If your fence is in a draw just drill holes into the bottom of the PVC pipe and wire to the bottom of the steel post to hold it down."

For cattle fences, Ms. Thorne attaches smooth electric wire with electric-fence clips that are screwed into the PVC pipe. Around the yard, chain-link fence was attached in similar fashion.

"People are amazed when I lift up the PVC pipes and show what is under them. It made our plain T-posts look like a million bucks and the posts never need paint!"