Hydraulic post drivers can be a wonderful piece of equipment to save time and energy when building long stretches of fence. They aid greatly in setting posts that are all the same angle and the same height. But if your post driver is mounted on your tractor crooked, you just might wind up with a line of crooked posts. That's why James Davidson devised a way to easily check how level his hydraulic post driver is.

Mr. Davidson first cut the heads off of 2-inch bolts and welded them perpendicular to the driver's up right housing. Next he acquired 3- or 4-inch eyebolts and threaded several nuts on the ends as weights. Hang the eyebolts on the perpendicular bolt welded to the casing. Thread a nut and a washer on the welded bolt to hold the eye bolt in place. It should be plenty loose for the eyebolt to swing.

Mark the spot where the eyebolt should point when the post driver is level. Install a second eye bolt pendulum on the next side (not opposite). Serving as pendulums, the eye bolts will indicate when the post driver is level front to back and left to right so you can set the post as plumb as possible.