Steven Francis and Gilbert Mendoza, who work at Wolf Creek Feedyard near Perryton, Texas, teamed up to develop rolling stairs to use in the feedyard.

They can be used to climb into the back of feed trucks to do maintenance and replace lights on equipment or in the shop. Operators can roll the stairs into the wash bay to wash the top of the cab and get to hard-to-reach places.

Front to back, the rolling stairs are 9 feet long. The standing platform and stairs are 3 feet wide. The platform on the rolling stairs is 6 feet high and is reached by 30-by-10-inch steps. There is a 3-foot pipe safety rail on both sides, the front of the standing platform and on one side of the stairs. The other side of the stairs has a chain with clips to allow an exit if necessary. Brakes on the bottom of the stairs allow employees to lock the stairs in place.

This idea won the 2004 Texas Cattle Feeders Association Best Safety Practices Award competition.